Third-Party Liability

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Third Party Liability Incidents

Compatica allows you to act right away when a third party is injured or their property damaged in your workplace or worksite. After entering a detailed description of the incident using your device’s transcription capability or by entering text, you can then collect all the important details connected to the incident.  You can record whether the incident involves personal injury or property damage and classify it as damage, theft or some other loss event.  You can capture all the relevant contact details about the third party impacted, to enable other post-event follow-up.  Compatica also helps you record any action right after it is taken.

Compatica’s third party liability incident statements allow you to capture statements from the person impacted, and those of relevant witnesses, in the form of pictures, audio recordings, text statements and sketches.  When you submit the incident, your liability damage event data is transmitted immediately to Compatica’s secure, browser-based Incident Manager, where you can review and edit collected facts, access automatically completed forms, send emails with attached statements, and create reports at the click of a button. Instantly upon submission, email and text-message notifications are sent to key stakeholders, providing the information needed for a rapid and effective response.