Consistent Workplace Incident Recording - Injury, Safety and Damage

In partnership with Scott Insurance, one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the Southeast, Compatica, Inc. is proud to offer the ACE-Navigator Workplace Incident Recording Solution to Scott Insurance clients — at a substantial discount!

Scott Insurance clients use ACE-Navigator to capture all the critical facts about worksite incidents at the point-of-occurrence using handheld devices such as iPhones, iPads, or Android phones and tablets.  ACE-Navigator is the premier solution for consistent and accurate recording of worksite safety exception events, including injuries and illnesses, for record only, near-misses and safety observations. ACE-Navigator also includes a “Fit for Work Screening” capability used to identify employees who may not be fit for work based on illness, symptoms, COVID-19 exposure, impairment or lack of proper equipment.

ACE-Navigator subscribers get ahead of possible claims, by gathering injury and illness details at the front-end of the process. Immediate notifications allow management to ask for clarification and additional information that more fully completes the event record. All of this occurs when incident participants are still on site and while memories remain fresh.  ACE-Navigator is a powerful solution that allows subscribers to better manage organizational risk and “proactively respond” to reduce the cost of claims.

For an ACE-Navigator Product Brochure, please click here.

worker with tablet talking to manager in a warehouse

What’s Included:

ACE-Navigator Incident Recorder
  • Operates on Smartphones and Tablets.
  • Records all Incident information, including pictures, witness statements, audio recordings and responses.
  • Workflows for Utility Strikes, Workplace Injuries, For Record Only, Near-Misses, Fit-for-Work Screenings and Safety Observations.
  • Operates in both Online and Offline modes.
ACE-Navigator Incident Manager
  • Immediate Cloud-based storage of incidents.
  • Real-time notifications to key stakeholders.
  • Feeds to critical reports such as DIRT, First Report of Injury, OSHA, Insurance Carriers, Third-Party Administrators, as well as your own.
  • Unlimited, active, and secure incident management and storage for long-term accessibility and usage.


To learn more, please provide your contact information or see our ACE-Navigator brochure. To review our Subscription Agreement or to subscribe online, click below.

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