Compatica offers many valuable benefits - here are the Core Four

Minimize Cost

It is an accepted assertion that a well-documented, timely-recorded Incident Report is fundamental to containing and minimizing the overall potential cost associated with a worksite event or claim.

In both form and function, Compatica is designed for that express purpose: Capturing all pertinent information regarding an incident right at its point-of-occurence, including the documentor’s narrative, witness statements, pictures, attestation signatures, and so much more. The best time to collect this vital data is in close time and physical proximity to the event, ensuring accuracy and timely reporting.

The automated notification capabilities are invaluable to fostering the organization’s rapid response to an event, be it an employee injury, property damage, a near-miss occurrence or a safety observation, timely stakeholder notification is a key factor to limiting financial exposure and reducing risk. 

Paperwork: everyone’s fighting it. From the US Paperwork Reduction Act of 1980 to Thomas Watson, Jr.’s assertion that “a paperless office is as feasible as a paperless bathroom”, folks everywhere continue to battle paper dragons on all fronts.

Luckily, when it comes to Incident Recording and Documentation, Compatica does the job for you. Be it electronic point-of-occurence intakes, digital photos, signatures, and audio recordings, or automatic incident report compilation, Compatica’s easy, intuitive app-based Incident Recorder and Cloud-located Incident Manager do away with dreaded paper forms, dramatically reducing processing costs while improving data integrity, security, and accessibility.

An added bonus of switching from a form- and paper-based model to Compatica’s intuitive workflow is the removal of both real and perceived barriers to incident recording, which encourages users to report all types of safety concerns, independent of level of severity, promoting a “See It, Say It” culture of safety. 

Eliminate Paperwork

Defend Against Fraud

Fraud, by its nature, takes on many shapes and forms: Worker’s Compensation, where employees may fake an injury or exaggerate severity, Third-Party Liability, in which an exorbitant claim is made for what, in actuality, was a minimal impact event, or Property Damage such as a Utility Strike, in which the damage occurred through no fault of your organization.

The best way to defend oneself against fraudulent claims and frivolous lawsuits is through accurate, comprehensive, and indelible record-keeping. Compatica supplies the functionality to best defend your organization by delivering powerful incident recording capabilities which include collecting witness statements and obtaining employee attestations in close proximity to the event, reducing the odds of both forgetfulness or wilful fabrication. Precise time-stamps and encrypted datasets support non-repudiation of case history. 

Workers’ Comp fraud, combined with the litigious nature of modern society, can cause grievous, irretrievable harm to all organizations, public and private alike. Insurance mod rates, liability settlements, and needless reputational damage can all wreak havoc on both the balance sheet and on goodwill. With Compatica in your corner you’re secure in your defense.

Undoubtedly, everyone wants to perform their duties in a safe work environment, one that is conducive to personal gain and organizational success. One of the core characteristics of a well-embedded safety culture is that of continuous observation, analysis, and improvement. 

Compatica  helps implement this ethos directly in the supervisor’s tablet and manager’s phone. The ability to quickly and accurately record and report any type of safety infraction, concern, and observation, empowers the organization by effectively appointing all users as the “eyes and ears” of safety, deploying an intuitive, obvious-use workflow in which no event is too minor to report, and no issue too trivial to take notice of. Due to Compatica’s ease-of-use and small footprint these levels of safety feedback are attainable with little-to-none organizational distractions. 

By  implementing the Compatica point-of-occurrence Incident Recording solution your organization can be assured of an easy, intuitive, and straightforward set of protocols which can be adhered to by all, leading to an even safer, more collaborative workplace. 

Promote Safety