Reduce the risk; lower the costs; share in the rewards.

The entire ethos of an Insurance Captive lies in forming risk-sharing pools with like-minded organizations, aimed at better managing risks and lowering overall costs. Compatica fully supports captives’ missions by delivering a standardized, fully-measurable methodology and toolset enabling all captive members to benefit from the improved safety, virtual elimination of claim reporting “lag”, and defense from fraud, all of which play a big part in diminishing risk and uncertainty in the collective.

As Compatica is designed to be an industry-neutral application, equally serving a variety of environments such as Construction, Manufacturing, Food Services, Distribution, and Healthcare, it is an excellent fit for both homogeneous and heterogeneous captives.

While each and every member organization may be different and unique, Compatica offers several benefits to all captive stakeholders: Members, Brokers, TPA’s, Risk Managers, and Carriers, aligning their interests on a variety of areas-of-concern:

  • Reduction in overall claims
  • Elimination of reporting lag
  • Improved Modification Rates
  • Increased Earned Surplus
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Intra-Captive detail reporting

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