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Vehicular Incidents

With the Compatica app at the ready on handheld devices, you can record vehicular incidents completely and accurately, right when they happen.  Compatica’s structured workflow ensures that even in the most stressful situations, you remember to collect all the relevant information – license, insurance, tags, road conditions and more.   Compatica’s vehicular incident statements allow you, as driver, to collect your own statements, and those of relevant witnesses, in the form of pictures, audio recordings, text statements and sketches.  Sketches include road type and vehicle templates enabling detailed documentation of the traffic scenario and precisely where on the vehicle the damage occurred.

When you submit the incident, your vehicular event data is transmitted immediately to Compatica’s secure, browser-based Incident Manager, where you can access automatically completed forms, review all details, send emails with attached statements, and create reports at the click of a button. Instantly upon submission, email and text-message notifications are sent to key stakeholders, providing the information needed for a rapid and effective response.